Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Silhouette Cameo is in the house!!

I have received my Cameo!! I am so excited, and overwhelmed! Does that make sense? I want to do so much, but have so much to learn.
 My scrap room is a total mess! I'm in the process of moving to the garage. That should be done this weekend. Hints.. should be! Can you function in a mess? I thought I could till all my table tops got full and totally disorganized! I am about ready to pull my hair out!
Back to the Cameo! I don't want to vent to much on that hot mess!
I have changed the front plate to blue chevron paper from the Heidi Swapp Sugar Chic paper pad.
I then made a treat box that is the free shape of the week. I got my inspiration from the Silhouette Blog. So cute! And perfect for Halloween class treats. :)
Picture is from Silhouette Blog, Jeana's creation
Have you done anything crafty? What do you do for your kids class?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Kit Clubs... Oh my!

I am now in four different kit clubs!
I started out with Studio Calico PL Kit, which I love. It has a good verity of different things. Such as precut cards for PL, flairs, embellishments, washi tape, and alpha letters. You have the choice to buy kits monthly for $24.99 plus shipping, or become a subscriber and purchase for $19.99 plus shipping. There subscription is for six months. You can cancel before then with a $15 cancelation fee. Go HERE for more information on the kit and subscription.
My next kit club to join would be Citrus Twist Kits. HERE is a picture of the September PL kit. As you will see you get everything SC offers plus a stamp set AND a 6x6 paper pad. I am loving the clear stamps! Not only do I use them in my PL but also in my Filofax. Subscription is three months for $18 plus shipping. Single month is not offered. For the PL kit you have to subscribe for 3 months. For more information click HERE.
Scraptastic Club is the third club I found. HERE is a picture of the October PL kit. Now, Scraptastic is a non commitment club. You can cancel or skip a month at any time. You just email them by the 20th to notify them in time. You can go HERE for more information!
The most recent kit club is Hip Kit Club. Now this one isn't PL themed. You can go HERE for a picture of the October kit. As you can see it comes with 12x12 sheets of cardstock. I don't mind that since I have a 3x4 card punch. I can make my own PL inserts with that tool! I think the main thing that caught my eye for this club was the embellishments. The kit cost $25 plus shipping as a subbie price. The regular price is $30 plus shipping.
Are you part of a kit club? What do you like most from the kits? Are you a kit club junkie, like me?! Lol! My plan is to stop the kits once I complete the subscription time, and then choose which one I like the most. How will I decide that? I have kept the kits separated and will see which one I have used the most. Should make the decision easy... right?!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Project Life?!

I have officially jumped into the pool of Becky Higgins Project Life!! What is Project Life? Simply click on the link and it will take you to her website. :)
I started about six weeks ago. I have caught up with this year! It is so simple yet so precious! I used to scrap using a critcut and a 12x12 layout. This is still a 12x12 layout, but much easier! I stopped scrapbooking due to feeling overwhelmed with all my pictures, and how long it took me to get one layout done. Now, I still have a huge pile of pictures, but the time it takes me to complete a layout using Becky Higgins Project Life is not overwhelming at all. What can be overwhelming is seeing all the kits you can buy! I have purchased five kits, and three mini kits! Oops!! As you may know I have the tick that tells me to buy it all!! 

This week Michaels has a huge sale going on!! The Project Life albums are on sale for like $6! I bought only one.. so far! Lol! My main way of buying for PL is to use a coupon. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have 40% off coupon every week. I use it for kits and albums. The more I save the better I feel about buying so much! :)

Do you scrapbook? Are you a PLifer!? I love to browse Instagram and YouTube for PL inspiration. If you use either or leave your user name below!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 34

Hello! How are you doing? I am great. Last week was a bittersweet week for me. It was the last week of summer for the kids. I am happy to have a nice quiet house for a little bit, but this year my baby went to Kindergarten.. O_0 Ekk!!
Evan with his school supplies!
Over the week I went through clothes and cleaned up house. On Wednesday I received my order from Citrus Twist!! It was so awesome!! Loved everything in it. I did a YouTube video about it. :) I also received stamps from Studio L2e, they are the Plan-It stamps! Love them!! 
The weekend we went to Dallas to go shopping for school clothes. I also got to go to Ikea for the first time! It is so nice in there! So much to look at.. unfortunately I was in a time crunch.. I was able to grab the Raskog cart and some containers to go with it. I am using that for Project Life organization! *More to come on that*  I will have to go back another time to really browse the store!!

 We went to Medieval Times for dinner! That was exciting!
That pretty much sums up my week.. How was yours?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

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You can now follow me on bloglovin' :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Weekly Post #30

Hello! I haven't posted since week #25! This summer has really blown me away!
I'm sorry for the lack of posts.. I think I can now get on with my normal routine!
Yay! I am so thankful to be home, and done with living out of a suit case!
My inspiration for the washi tape used was the owl sticker I had on my sisters birthday.
I tried to use matching tapes. It looks good to me.. a little dull I think.. But next week will brighten that all up for me! I ordered the peacock flag from eBay I think.. The pink speech bubble is from Hobby Lobby, that set it from Little B.
About my week..
Sunday we went to Lowe's to buy a new dishwasher. (Love being a homeowner!) Of course the one I wanted had to be ordered. I also sneaked in a new faucet for my kitchen sink. The old one was ugly and leaking water.. I hated that drip drop.. Annoying!! Love the new one, no more dripping.
Monday was a lazy day! Love those days! Hehe!!
Tuesday I went in for an allergy test. Once we got back from Florida my allergies hit me really bad. I was nervous about it, but it wasn't that bad. :) I'm allergic to what seems like a lot to me, but really isn't all that much compared to the list.
Wednesday I was given some free spending money! I went to a few stores and bought things I wanted for myself! If you follow me on Instagram you've seen my haulage. :) @meandmycrazyobsessions is my name
Thursday was a house cleaning day, and my first day to get the allergy shot. Dishwasher was put in! Love it!!
Friday was more cleaning and getting ready for the weekend.
Saturday we went to my sisters surprise birthday party! It was fun and nice to get to go to her house. They have been in NC for the past 3 years. Being back in TX is a blessing!
I also had a giveaway for my stationery. Saturday was drawing day. I decided to stick with one hobby. I really love my Filofax and all the goodies I buy for it. I couldn't keep buying for that and the stationery. The decision was easy.. FILOFAX won! :) I will miss all the lovely letters and cuteness that went along with pen palling. For now it has to be this way.
That's all for last week.. How was your week?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekly Post #25

This week is flying by!! I can't believe its Wednesday already!! 

Last week I went with the color red. :) 

I love the red mushrooms, and the live, laugh, and love washi tape! I added the thin red to separate my weekends. For Evan's birthday I used a red with white polka dots masking sticker. For my memo note, I used a red Duh sticky note. Haha! My dinner plans are written on a Rilakkuma mini memo sheet. So cute! 

About my week.. Sunday was Father's Day. Makes me realize how much I love my hubby! He is a wonderful Father. :) Then, it also makes me remember the pain in my heart.. My Daddy is in Heaven. All I can do with that is send a note above. :) 

Monday was a lazy YouTube watching kind of day! Caught up on many Filofax videos! 

Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy! Trying to figure things out for Evan's birthday.. Nothing was going my way. Stressful!! I finally made the cake myself! Wasn't a wonderful cake, but he loved it! That's all that matters in the end!

Thursday was the big day!! Happy Birthday Evan!! Big 5!! We had cake, and presents. Then off to see Monsters University. *Cute Movie*  Was a great day overall!

Friday and Saturday were days to get things ready for Aidan to leave for Florida.. Happy he could go, but so sad when I had to leave him.. 

That's about it for me.. How was your week?

Monday, June 17, 2013

My week 24

Hello! How is everyone today!? It's Monday! Can you believe I am doing my weekly on time?! What?!?! Lol! I'm in a good silly mood this morning! 

About last week...

I received the cross washi tape from a pen pal and loved it so much! I knew I wanted to use it right away. I paired it with blue and pastel orange. I really like how it looks! 

I then went through my kawaii mini memo sheets, and found this cute bear with blue lines. Perfect match! I used it to write my dinner plans on. :) 

Last week was a good week for me. Well, except for Tuesday. Evan had to get his shots! He was given four! Ekk!! Their was one funny thing about that! The nurse asked him to count to a hundred, so he started counting.. then BAM, scream! He did not see that coming! She asked him what number are you on? He screamed at her FIVE!! It was so funny and sad at the same time! Poor baby.. :( 

Wednesday was good. We went out to a park and had a lunch picnic. The kids really liked that! Except for Aidan.. He was on a tire swing, and had a friend push them. He wanted more and more.. Then he got more then he could handle! Yup, he vomited! He said "I just felt so dizzy!" Lol! That ended the picnic really quick.  When we got home I was surprised with some happy mail! I was sent a secret swap package from a Filofax group! WooHoo!! I am so in love with everything I was given! I will be doing a post on that one too! That will probably be on Wednesday. Keep an eye out! 

How was your week? Enjoying your summer?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Post #23

First off, sorry for being away for so long.. :( 

Last week we went to Snyder, TX. That is my home town. I got to visit with my mom and a few of the in-laws. It was a good visit.. but I sure was ready to get home! There is no place like home! :D

When I packed I was not thinking.. I forgot to pack my muji stamp, thin washi tapes, and other washi tapes.. The only thing I packed was stationery. I had a few letters I needed to reply to. :) 

When I got home on Friday my poor mailbox was so full!! I bet my mailman was thinking this lady needs to get her damn mail! Lol! 

The weekend was nice. Got out with some friends on Friday. Saturday we went a little shopping, and grilled Tallapia. Yummy! I don't know how you spell that darn fish! Haha!

How was your week?


New Obsessions

As you may know I have started pen palling! And loving it!
I have become a crazy lady and bought tons of Kawaii Stationery! 
It was getting to be so much that I was going crazy with it all. I had to find a solution!

Then I remembered that I have mini vanilla folders. 
Dugh! They fit nice and neatly in my desk drawer. 
I put each set into its own folder, and labeled it. 
Tada!! Nice and neat!
Looovee it!! 

I even have room for my postcards. 
I am loving the post card swapping too! 

The only draw back to all the pen palling is my Malden is being neglected.. :(
Not having that! I sat down and decorated my week. Looks so pretty pink!
I have got to get myself to keep up with my daily to do's and pen palling. 

 Does anyone else get so into something and forget about everything else?
I am one of those people. Is there a group for me?!
I feel like I need to go to a group to help me and my obsession. 
I am a compulsive buyer. 
Once I get into to a new "hobby" I must buy everything I would need/want. 
Its horrible. My hubby is so easy going with it all. He just needs "his" time. 
Weekends are pen pal free and mostly electronic free. 
That is my down time from all of it.
Am I crazy? Please help!! ;)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wonderful Mail Day!

Thursday, May 2nd, I received a wonderful package from Dear Alice!
Let me get to the pictures!! **BEWARE** There will be tons of pics!

Washi tape!! Yes! I love the red mushrooms!!

A little owl notebook, OMG- Elephant paperclips!! Elephant pens!!
I love elephants! Alice really worked hard for this package!

A cute retractable eraser, colored page flags, and cute saying page flags!
Stickers!! Elephants that remind me of the circus, and butterflies!! I love butterflies too!!
 Cute little bunnies

So many stickers!! I love them all!!


These little sheets are stickers of all kinds! They are so niffty!

Alice, THANK YOU!! I love, LOVE my goodies you sent!! You did an awesome job at getting me things that I love!! You are a great person and friend!! To bad there is a gaint sea in between us, or I'd give you a giant hug!! xx

Monday, May 6, 2013

My Week, #18

Hello! Last week was so awesome!!

First off, I started working out with my friend. I felt so good. Sounds crazy, but I loved feeling the sweat fall down my face! I hope I will continue with such motivation!

Tuesday and Thursday were great mail days! Tuesday I received a package from my Secret Swapper from the Philofaxy group! Thursday.. oh Thursday!! I received a personal Orche Malden!!! Yes, a MALDEN!!! I am forever in love! All thanks to Carla from :) I also received a package from my dear friend Alice!! She sent me tons of goodies! Blog post to follow with all that!

Friday was field trip day with my oldest son! We went out to a ranch that talks about the settler days. They shot off cannons. LOUD! Made me jump a few times! It was so cute to see the people dressed in clothes from that time. I am glad we wear pants now days! Dresses for me are rare!

The weekend went by nice and easy. Which was nice to just relax! How was your week?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pen Pals and a Filofax

I have started a new obsession! Hehe!

I have been wanting to write to pen pals, so back in March I went onto and searched for pen pal swaps. I made a couple on there, but wasn't getting what I wanted. One day I was on Instagram. Oh my! There are so many people on IG that want pen pals! I made a IG account for pen paling. @lovesnailmail If you'd like to be pen pals contact me on IG!

I was getting to where I was writing to so many people. I had to think of a way to keep up with it all. As I was sitting at my desk looking at all addresses, I saw Fin! My personal yellow Finsbury! I opened him up, he was empty and sad. Now he is full and happy! I put the A-Z address tabs, lined Filofax paper, and a pocket divider into Fin.

Now, in the pen pal world there are some "flakers", sad stuff. I didn't want to waste my lined Filofax paper. I went for post-its instead. I would write the pals name, address, IG name, and when I wrote to them. I would keep that in the pocket divider. Once they wrote back I'd then write down all there info onto the lined Filofax paper.

I write down everything I think I'd need to know on the front of the paper. For example, there birthday, likes, dislikes, or anything else personal. On the back I write when I wrote to them, and when I received a letter back! I do get a little anxious! I just love happy mail days!! Keeping track with the response time helps me remember to be patient. Especially for those that are overseas. Those letters take at least a week to get there, and then a week back. It could potentially take 3 weeks to hear back from a pal that is overseas.

Sorry these pictures aren't very good.. :(

I do like to go into the post office when I mail them all off. I love Kawaii stationery, but the envelopes have the address lines printed on. Most of them are done vertically, and in the USA we write the address horizontally. Writing on it vertically makes the postage different. Crazy, but true. Also, for some reason the return address is on the bottom. If you write your address on the bottom it will just get sent right back to you! The machines the post office use reads what is at the bottom of the envelopes. No matter what your envelope says! I usually just write over it, or paste a pice of paper on top of the printed lines. Just depends on how OCD I am that day!

Incoming on left side, Out going on right side
What do I do with all my letters? Keep them of course! I have a keepsake box. When I get more then one letter from a pal, I will write on the corner what number letter that it is. Then keep them in order by number, and sender. I know, I might be a little bit OCD about that. But I like to be able to go back and find out something. If they are all together and in order, it makes it easier to go back and reread. :)

Do you have pen pals? How do you keep up with them? Do you have a system? Please share if you do!

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Week, #17

Hello! I'm running a little late today!
Last week was a little nerve raking! My son was having one of those moments! Ugh!! Then my daughter had an accident like every night! 0_0 She didn't like it when I had her change her own sheets, and then put on her brothers!

Thursday I thought I'd take a day to write back to my pen pals... well, I am not doing that any more! Lol! I wrote TEN letters in one day! Oh my did my hand hurt!

Saturday was a good day! Baseball, birthday party, then a crawfish broil! Yum Yum!! Have you ever tried a crawfish? It looks really gross, but isn't that bad.. once you get past the eye balls and all that! I really just go for the crab legs and shrimp. I've tried the crawfish, and that was enough for me!

Well, I hope you all have a great week ahead!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Week, #16

I'd like to apologize for neglecting my blog! I have felt like I'm suck in a runt for the past few weeks! Not fun.. But I feel that I'm back! Yay! :)

Last week was a good week for me! Ordered new Kawaii stationery, and received pen pal letters!! I love a happy mail box! :) Do you have pen pals?

I also worked Tues and Thurs at a Mothers Day Out program. That is always fun! Hehe! I do enjoy getting out of the house, and letting Evan go play with other children. Oh, and a little extra money never hurts!

One more thing I did that is going to be a challenge is ordered Herb-a-life! I am ready to lose my extra fat! Lets see how well that works! I am a big snack eater and love chocolate way to much! I am wanting this so bad, so maybe my want to lose will over come the want to eat! Lets hope!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Week, #13

Happy Easter everyone!!
I'm actually getting to write on Sunday!
This week wasn't so bad. As you see on Tuesday Kendall, my husband, had to stay over night in Snyder. :( Part of why we choose to move back... Speaking of that.
 We think we have a water leak! o-0
I don't know what will happen next. We were so excited to be buying our first home.. but wow a lot of responsiblity comes with owning a home! *Sigh*
Any who.. Sorry about that venting!
If you've read my previous blog post you know I recieved a lovely surprise on Saturday!!
We also went shopping for Easter baskets and goodies!
The kids loved going!
Sunday (today) was a great day!
The kids woke up ready to go hunt! We hide there baskets, they find them, then go hunt for eggs!
They also love to crack confetti eggs on eachothers heads! LOL!
It's really fun!
I'm truly greatful for my family! <3
How was your week and Easter Sunday?


Snail Mail *Surprise!*

This Saturday I was surprised by lovely Tracy!
She sent me some goodies for my Filofax! So sweet of her!
First it all came in this cute little bag.
There are some rectangle stickers, and some dots!

Stickers!! The ones that look like flowers are actually hole covers!
I love the little paper clip!
The we have some sticky notes! Love the cute trees! And the plain green, as green is my favorite color!! <3
Once again, Thank you so much Tracy!! I love it all!! You're truly kind!! :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Week #12

Hello! Are you having a good Monday?! I'm good now that I've had my coffee!
Last week was a good one, and stressful at the same time!
The highlight of my week was lovely snail mail!!
As you can see on Thursday I started to use my Muji stamp! Love it! Can't wait to show you the upcoming weeks! I've taken Lori's advice and bought some colored ink pads! They work well, and add more color to my pages!! I love color!
My stress was related to having to decide to rent my house. We will be moving in June and that was such a worry for me. Sigh. Some renters just don't care and I love my house. Don't want to see it being abused by someone that doesn't care enough to take care of it as it is there own. I will just have to have trust and pray it will work out.
That pretty much sums up my week. How was yours?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Washi Tape!!

I have been asked how I use washi tape in my diary.
I am a little crazy with washi tape! I have a total of 41 rolls!! o_0 Lol!
I love them all!
I have been using it along the hole side of the paper, and repunch the holes. I haven't had any problems with lumps. I've recently had inspiration from Behind My Purpley Life. You should check out her blog!! She also has videos!!
On to a little discription of my own!
On this week I decided to do purple and turqouse. I got out the same washi tapes, and a purple masking tape. I cut the purple washi tape to have a < cut. That way it wouldn't block the week, and month on the other side. The turqouse was cut at an angle like this /.
I went through my stickers and pulled some that I liked and some what matched!
The 12th is a little over done, but that is my daughters birthday!!

Here are some pictures of what I use. You can buy washi tape and masking stickers off of ebay, esty. You can also find washi tape at Micheals. Love to go there during the sales!!
For the little girl stickers you can search korean diary stickers and tons will pop up!
I recieved the Muji to do stamp today! I'll be using that too! Jennifer also shows that in her video. One hint if you get the stamp. Remember to stamp on the side of the rings. That way when you flip the page you won't see the bleed through. You'll be covering it with the stamp again! I figured that out the hard way. :( But you learn something everyday! Lesson learned!!