About Me

Hello! First off, thank you for viewing my blog! I hope you'll find inspiration while reading. Please follow me so you'll be updated with new posts!
A little about me, I am 27, married, have 3 kids and a step-daughter. I get to stay home with my children while my husband works hard in the oil fields. I enjoy staying home and being able to be involved with my kids! I am very grateful for my life!
I blog during my "free" time. Which isn't often, so when I do, I might get a little crazy! I love feedback, and comments! You're ideas might be something I haven't thought of and could be a great one! Please share! ;)
Other things about me besides my roles in life!
  • I love to read blogs
  • Spend time decorating/organizing my Filofax
  • Going to movies- Especially Disney!
  • I like to cook new things, and try new foods!
  • Sewing is a hobby I enjoy.
  • Love to be in the flower garden!
If you ever have any questions please feel free to comment below or on the post!
Have a great day! :)