Monday, March 25, 2013

My Week #12

Hello! Are you having a good Monday?! I'm good now that I've had my coffee!
Last week was a good one, and stressful at the same time!
The highlight of my week was lovely snail mail!!
As you can see on Thursday I started to use my Muji stamp! Love it! Can't wait to show you the upcoming weeks! I've taken Lori's advice and bought some colored ink pads! They work well, and add more color to my pages!! I love color!
My stress was related to having to decide to rent my house. We will be moving in June and that was such a worry for me. Sigh. Some renters just don't care and I love my house. Don't want to see it being abused by someone that doesn't care enough to take care of it as it is there own. I will just have to have trust and pray it will work out.
That pretty much sums up my week. How was yours?


  1. I got the muji stamp last week and started using it this week. I really like it. I also got some calendar stamps yesterday and I can't wait to use them. Good luck with your renters, I know exactly what you mean about people not caring.

    1. @Trina Thank you for the luck! You have to try the muji with colored ink! Looks really good! Thank you for viewing my blog!