Thursday, September 19, 2013

Project Life?!

I have officially jumped into the pool of Becky Higgins Project Life!! What is Project Life? Simply click on the link and it will take you to her website. :)
I started about six weeks ago. I have caught up with this year! It is so simple yet so precious! I used to scrap using a critcut and a 12x12 layout. This is still a 12x12 layout, but much easier! I stopped scrapbooking due to feeling overwhelmed with all my pictures, and how long it took me to get one layout done. Now, I still have a huge pile of pictures, but the time it takes me to complete a layout using Becky Higgins Project Life is not overwhelming at all. What can be overwhelming is seeing all the kits you can buy! I have purchased five kits, and three mini kits! Oops!! As you may know I have the tick that tells me to buy it all!! 

This week Michaels has a huge sale going on!! The Project Life albums are on sale for like $6! I bought only one.. so far! Lol! My main way of buying for PL is to use a coupon. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have 40% off coupon every week. I use it for kits and albums. The more I save the better I feel about buying so much! :)

Do you scrapbook? Are you a PLifer!? I love to browse Instagram and YouTube for PL inspiration. If you use either or leave your user name below!