Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Week, #13

Happy Easter everyone!!
I'm actually getting to write on Sunday!
This week wasn't so bad. As you see on Tuesday Kendall, my husband, had to stay over night in Snyder. :( Part of why we choose to move back... Speaking of that.
 We think we have a water leak! o-0
I don't know what will happen next. We were so excited to be buying our first home.. but wow a lot of responsiblity comes with owning a home! *Sigh*
Any who.. Sorry about that venting!
If you've read my previous blog post you know I recieved a lovely surprise on Saturday!!
We also went shopping for Easter baskets and goodies!
The kids loved going!
Sunday (today) was a great day!
The kids woke up ready to go hunt! We hide there baskets, they find them, then go hunt for eggs!
They also love to crack confetti eggs on eachothers heads! LOL!
It's really fun!
I'm truly greatful for my family! <3
How was your week and Easter Sunday?



  1. I love the Owl bookmark with the quote on!
    And i am really loving the Muji stamp - i wonder whether it would fit on pocket sized paper!

    1. Thank you, Alice! I'll have to try the Muji stamp for you when my step-daughter comes on the 12th. She has a pocket I can try it on!

    2. Oh yey thanks! Just wondering if it fits in the gaps!