Monday, July 29, 2013

My Weekly Post #30

Hello! I haven't posted since week #25! This summer has really blown me away!
I'm sorry for the lack of posts.. I think I can now get on with my normal routine!
Yay! I am so thankful to be home, and done with living out of a suit case!
My inspiration for the washi tape used was the owl sticker I had on my sisters birthday.
I tried to use matching tapes. It looks good to me.. a little dull I think.. But next week will brighten that all up for me! I ordered the peacock flag from eBay I think.. The pink speech bubble is from Hobby Lobby, that set it from Little B.
About my week..
Sunday we went to Lowe's to buy a new dishwasher. (Love being a homeowner!) Of course the one I wanted had to be ordered. I also sneaked in a new faucet for my kitchen sink. The old one was ugly and leaking water.. I hated that drip drop.. Annoying!! Love the new one, no more dripping.
Monday was a lazy day! Love those days! Hehe!!
Tuesday I went in for an allergy test. Once we got back from Florida my allergies hit me really bad. I was nervous about it, but it wasn't that bad. :) I'm allergic to what seems like a lot to me, but really isn't all that much compared to the list.
Wednesday I was given some free spending money! I went to a few stores and bought things I wanted for myself! If you follow me on Instagram you've seen my haulage. :) @meandmycrazyobsessions is my name
Thursday was a house cleaning day, and my first day to get the allergy shot. Dishwasher was put in! Love it!!
Friday was more cleaning and getting ready for the weekend.
Saturday we went to my sisters surprise birthday party! It was fun and nice to get to go to her house. They have been in NC for the past 3 years. Being back in TX is a blessing!
I also had a giveaway for my stationery. Saturday was drawing day. I decided to stick with one hobby. I really love my Filofax and all the goodies I buy for it. I couldn't keep buying for that and the stationery. The decision was easy.. FILOFAX won! :) I will miss all the lovely letters and cuteness that went along with pen palling. For now it has to be this way.
That's all for last week.. How was your week?