Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekly Post #25

This week is flying by!! I can't believe its Wednesday already!! 

Last week I went with the color red. :) 

I love the red mushrooms, and the live, laugh, and love washi tape! I added the thin red to separate my weekends. For Evan's birthday I used a red with white polka dots masking sticker. For my memo note, I used a red Duh sticky note. Haha! My dinner plans are written on a Rilakkuma mini memo sheet. So cute! 

About my week.. Sunday was Father's Day. Makes me realize how much I love my hubby! He is a wonderful Father. :) Then, it also makes me remember the pain in my heart.. My Daddy is in Heaven. All I can do with that is send a note above. :) 

Monday was a lazy YouTube watching kind of day! Caught up on many Filofax videos! 

Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy! Trying to figure things out for Evan's birthday.. Nothing was going my way. Stressful!! I finally made the cake myself! Wasn't a wonderful cake, but he loved it! That's all that matters in the end!

Thursday was the big day!! Happy Birthday Evan!! Big 5!! We had cake, and presents. Then off to see Monsters University. *Cute Movie*  Was a great day overall!

Friday and Saturday were days to get things ready for Aidan to leave for Florida.. Happy he could go, but so sad when I had to leave him.. 

That's about it for me.. How was your week?

Monday, June 17, 2013

My week 24

Hello! How is everyone today!? It's Monday! Can you believe I am doing my weekly on time?! What?!?! Lol! I'm in a good silly mood this morning! 

About last week...

I received the cross washi tape from a pen pal and loved it so much! I knew I wanted to use it right away. I paired it with blue and pastel orange. I really like how it looks! 

I then went through my kawaii mini memo sheets, and found this cute bear with blue lines. Perfect match! I used it to write my dinner plans on. :) 

Last week was a good week for me. Well, except for Tuesday. Evan had to get his shots! He was given four! Ekk!! Their was one funny thing about that! The nurse asked him to count to a hundred, so he started counting.. then BAM, scream! He did not see that coming! She asked him what number are you on? He screamed at her FIVE!! It was so funny and sad at the same time! Poor baby.. :( 

Wednesday was good. We went out to a park and had a lunch picnic. The kids really liked that! Except for Aidan.. He was on a tire swing, and had a friend push them. He wanted more and more.. Then he got more then he could handle! Yup, he vomited! He said "I just felt so dizzy!" Lol! That ended the picnic really quick.  When we got home I was surprised with some happy mail! I was sent a secret swap package from a Filofax group! WooHoo!! I am so in love with everything I was given! I will be doing a post on that one too! That will probably be on Wednesday. Keep an eye out! 

How was your week? Enjoying your summer?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Post #23

First off, sorry for being away for so long.. :( 

Last week we went to Snyder, TX. That is my home town. I got to visit with my mom and a few of the in-laws. It was a good visit.. but I sure was ready to get home! There is no place like home! :D

When I packed I was not thinking.. I forgot to pack my muji stamp, thin washi tapes, and other washi tapes.. The only thing I packed was stationery. I had a few letters I needed to reply to. :) 

When I got home on Friday my poor mailbox was so full!! I bet my mailman was thinking this lady needs to get her damn mail! Lol! 

The weekend was nice. Got out with some friends on Friday. Saturday we went a little shopping, and grilled Tallapia. Yummy! I don't know how you spell that darn fish! Haha!

How was your week?


New Obsessions

As you may know I have started pen palling! And loving it!
I have become a crazy lady and bought tons of Kawaii Stationery! 
It was getting to be so much that I was going crazy with it all. I had to find a solution!

Then I remembered that I have mini vanilla folders. 
Dugh! They fit nice and neatly in my desk drawer. 
I put each set into its own folder, and labeled it. 
Tada!! Nice and neat!
Looovee it!! 

I even have room for my postcards. 
I am loving the post card swapping too! 

The only draw back to all the pen palling is my Malden is being neglected.. :(
Not having that! I sat down and decorated my week. Looks so pretty pink!
I have got to get myself to keep up with my daily to do's and pen palling. 

 Does anyone else get so into something and forget about everything else?
I am one of those people. Is there a group for me?!
I feel like I need to go to a group to help me and my obsession. 
I am a compulsive buyer. 
Once I get into to a new "hobby" I must buy everything I would need/want. 
Its horrible. My hubby is so easy going with it all. He just needs "his" time. 
Weekends are pen pal free and mostly electronic free. 
That is my down time from all of it.
Am I crazy? Please help!! ;)