Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Week, #13

Happy Easter everyone!!
I'm actually getting to write on Sunday!
This week wasn't so bad. As you see on Tuesday Kendall, my husband, had to stay over night in Snyder. :( Part of why we choose to move back... Speaking of that.
 We think we have a water leak! o-0
I don't know what will happen next. We were so excited to be buying our first home.. but wow a lot of responsiblity comes with owning a home! *Sigh*
Any who.. Sorry about that venting!
If you've read my previous blog post you know I recieved a lovely surprise on Saturday!!
We also went shopping for Easter baskets and goodies!
The kids loved going!
Sunday (today) was a great day!
The kids woke up ready to go hunt! We hide there baskets, they find them, then go hunt for eggs!
They also love to crack confetti eggs on eachothers heads! LOL!
It's really fun!
I'm truly greatful for my family! <3
How was your week and Easter Sunday?


Snail Mail *Surprise!*

This Saturday I was surprised by lovely Tracy!
She sent me some goodies for my Filofax! So sweet of her!
First it all came in this cute little bag.
There are some rectangle stickers, and some dots!

Stickers!! The ones that look like flowers are actually hole covers!
I love the little paper clip!
The we have some sticky notes! Love the cute trees! And the plain green, as green is my favorite color!! <3
Once again, Thank you so much Tracy!! I love it all!! You're truly kind!! :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Week #12

Hello! Are you having a good Monday?! I'm good now that I've had my coffee!
Last week was a good one, and stressful at the same time!
The highlight of my week was lovely snail mail!!
As you can see on Thursday I started to use my Muji stamp! Love it! Can't wait to show you the upcoming weeks! I've taken Lori's advice and bought some colored ink pads! They work well, and add more color to my pages!! I love color!
My stress was related to having to decide to rent my house. We will be moving in June and that was such a worry for me. Sigh. Some renters just don't care and I love my house. Don't want to see it being abused by someone that doesn't care enough to take care of it as it is there own. I will just have to have trust and pray it will work out.
That pretty much sums up my week. How was yours?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Washi Tape!!

I have been asked how I use washi tape in my diary.
I am a little crazy with washi tape! I have a total of 41 rolls!! o_0 Lol!
I love them all!
I have been using it along the hole side of the paper, and repunch the holes. I haven't had any problems with lumps. I've recently had inspiration from Behind My Purpley Life. You should check out her blog!! She also has videos!!
On to a little discription of my own!
On this week I decided to do purple and turqouse. I got out the same washi tapes, and a purple masking tape. I cut the purple washi tape to have a < cut. That way it wouldn't block the week, and month on the other side. The turqouse was cut at an angle like this /.
I went through my stickers and pulled some that I liked and some what matched!
The 12th is a little over done, but that is my daughters birthday!!

Here are some pictures of what I use. You can buy washi tape and masking stickers off of ebay, esty. You can also find washi tape at Micheals. Love to go there during the sales!!
For the little girl stickers you can search korean diary stickers and tons will pop up!
I recieved the Muji to do stamp today! I'll be using that too! Jennifer also shows that in her video. One hint if you get the stamp. Remember to stamp on the side of the rings. That way when you flip the page you won't see the bleed through. You'll be covering it with the stamp again! I figured that out the hard way. :( But you learn something everyday! Lesson learned!! 


Monday, March 18, 2013

My Week #11

Hello! I hope your Monday is going well! 
Last week was Spring Break for my kids. We spent it with my mom! 
It was a nice time to be there... got me thinking of moving back. We'd be close to family, and my husband wouldn't have to drive 3 hours everyday to go to work. I think the decision has been made. :-) 
OH!! One more thing that happened!! I received my Raspberry Chameleon!! 
I'm loving it! It is so much softer then the Finsbury. Not stiff. Has the same pockets, the card slots are vertical instead of horizontal, the pen loop is on the left side, and the rings are perfect! 
The only thing I'm noticing is that it doesn't hold as much as the Fin. I'm thinking about taking some things out.. The things I don't use.. If it doesn't work back to Fin I go!
Still have googly eyes for the Malden... Maybe one day!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 10 Recap

Week 10 has come to an end! 
This week wasn't so crazy! Which is good! Found out that Thursdays wouldn't be so bad. Both the kids practice at 5:30, but my son play with a friend so that makes it easier. :-) We skipped Girl Scouts, due to trying to get things done before Friday! Friday we went to Dallas! We were going to go to Six Flags but the weather wasn't very pleasant for the kids. They still enjoyed shopping and swimming at the hotel! 
I did get to go to Staples and The Container Store! Staples didn't have much Martha Stewart.. :-( 
The Container Store has so much stuff! I've never been in that store. Bought some stickers, pen loops, and magnetic page holders. That was what I went in for! 
That about sums it up. How was your week?

Sorry about the background! I took this picture in the hotel room.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

How I use my Finsbury!

Hello! I wanted to go over how I use my Finsbury! I have had it now for almost 2 months. :-) I am still playing around with it, but I'm hoping that I have found a good system! 

First off, when you open it you'll see my debit cards, license, and my flyleaf. There is a pocket under the credit card slots, which I keep coupons, and appointment cards. On my flyleaf I keep post-its for a quick note!

Behind that I have a clear envelope that holds pictures and drawings by my kids!
I also have a pic of my parents and myself! My dad passed away a few years ago, so having a picture of him on me is so precious to my heart. 

Next, I have my lovely expense envelope! I'm loving that so much! 
Holds all my money and lets me keep track at the same time! :-)
 Behind that I have the credit card holder that keeps my loyalty cards, fly tags, and some postage stamps.

I keep a month on two pages. I like to use that to track birthdays, paydays, school holidays, and days I work. I enjoy seeing things at a full view. 

I also keep  a yearly view in to write birthdays, and anniversary's. Makes it easier to transfer things over to the next year, and onto the months.

For my diary I use week on 2 pages. Washi tape makes it look pretty and makes the holes stronger. To avoid the holes being torn. I also use masking stickers., they are easier to write on. I love to use stickers!! I believe if you decorate something to your liking you'll want to use it more! In my case I love color and cute stickers! This makes me happy when I open my filo!

Next comes dividers!
Top Tab 
 Daily Bible Notes
Food (grocery)

Side Tabs

Monthly Bills
Pen Pals
User Names and Passwords

In the back zipper I keep stickers!! Love my stickers!

I also keep my pens near my filo. I don't hold them in it due to it feeling like it could POP! I use PaperMate Flair pens. I do color code. The set came with 5 different pens and that is exactly what I need! I also use a coleto that holds 4 colors. I love that pen but I love the way the PaperMate writes better! 

Here is my collection of washi tape and stickers!!

Have you found that you LOVE your filo/planner?!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 10!

Week 10! #fiolfax #week by liz.doty
Week 10! #fiolfax #week, a photo by liz.doty on Flickr.

I am so excited for next weekend! We are going to Dallas to have some family fun!
We are also going to reveal where we are going to go on vacation! I'm so excited! I'm sure I will cry with excitement that day! Eeekk!!!

Week 9 has come to an end!

Hello! Week 9 has come and gone!
There wasn't a lot going on this week. Took my son to the dentist and found out he has 3 cavities!! o_O
I feel so bad! It's not going to be fun getting that taken care of.
My daughter starts softball practice next week. We went out and bought her cleats, glove, and bag. It's so funny to watch her play! We started practicing with her, and she needs a lot of practice! Lol!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Snail Mail

Snail Mail by liz.doty
Snail Mail, a photo by liz.doty on Flickr.

Yay! Surprise snail mail! Thank you @imysworld #filofax #stationery